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​​​​Andrea Faith Potter - Curriculum Vitae


1986    Graduated, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Centre for the Arts, University of Tasmania.

1987     Honorary Research Associate, University of Tasmania

1988     Post Graduate Diploma (Painting), Royal Melbourne Institute of Tasmania.

        Solo Exhibitions

    2013    OTHER SIDE, Penny Contemporary Gallery, Hobart    
    2007    MOVING TOWARDS THE LIGHT Tower Gallery Meadowbank Vineyard

    1997    SURFACES RELEASING REVEALING, Despard Gallery, Hobart.

    1987    PAPER HATS', Long Gallery, Hobart.

    1987    'BALL GOWNS OR WALLFLOWERS' Chameleon Gallery, Hobart.    

    1987    'AVAGO OBART', Centre for the Arts, Hobart.


    2019     Lethbridge 20 000 Small Scale Art Award, Finalist. Lethbridge Gallery Paddington, Brisbane, QLD.

    2018     Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Award, Online Finalist    

    2017     Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Award, Online Finalist   

    2015    9 by 5 Walker Street Gallery, Melbourne

    2015     SHE, Walker Street Gallery, Melbourne

    2014     Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Award, Online Finalist

    2011     SHE WHO LOVES, Walker Street Gallery, Melbourne

    2011     Tasmania 1:100,000 Mapping the Island, 10 Days on the Island. Touring Tasmania.

    2009     Tasmania 1:100,000 Mapping the Island The IXL Atrium

    2004     10 Days on the Island

    2004    MEMBERS EXHIBITION,    Cast Gallery, Hobart.

    2004     MATERIAL GIRL, Women in Tasmania. Moonah Arts Centre, 

                Glenorchy and touring exhibition.

    2002    MATERIAL GIRL, Women in Tasmania Past, Present and Future. Moonah Arts Centre.

    2001    CAST MEMBERS EXHIBITION, Cast Gallery Hobart.

    2001    ISLAND POSTCARDS, State Library, Tasmania.

    2001    UNIQUE BEYOND IMAGINING, James Hardy, State Library, Queensland

    2000    CAST MEMBERS EXHIBITION, Cast Gallery, Hobart.

    2000    UNIQUE BEYOND IMAGINING, Northern Territory Library, 

                Parliament Building, Northern Territory. 

    1999    UNIQUE BEYOND IMAGINING, State Library, Tasmania.

    1999    THE CHRISTMAS SHOW, Despard Gallery.

    1999    OUT OF BOUNDS, School House Gallery.

    1998    CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION, Despard Gallery, Hobart.

    1998    FLIGHTS OF FANTASY, Schoolhouse Gallery, Hobart.

    1998    CONVERSATIONS, Side Walk Gallery, Hobart. 


                Despard Gallery, Hobart.

    1997    HUTCHINS ART PRIZE.  Long Gallery, Hobart.

    1997    SHOWINGS, Installation and performance at the Conservatorium of Music, 

                University of Tasmania.

    1997    ARTIST 'S BOOKS, Riddoch Art Gallery, Mount Gambier.

    1997    ARTIST 'S BOOKS, Main Street Editions, Hahndorf, South Australia.

    1996    THE CHRISTMAS SHOW, Despard Gallery, Hobart.

    1996    ARTISTS' BOOK FAIR, Barbican Centre, Concourse Gallery, London.


                Gallery 4 Metro Arts, Brisbane.

    1996    MULTIPLES AND MEMORIES, School House Gallery, Hobart.

    1996    HORIZONS, Side Space Gallery, Hobart and then touring nationally.

    1995    OPULENCE, Despard Gallery, Hobart.

    1995    THE CHRISTMAS SHOW, Despard Gallery, Hobart.

    1995    OUTBACK ART PRIZE, Broken Hill City Gallery NSW

    1995    THE REALLY BIG PAPER SHOW, Tamworth Gallery.

    1995    THE REALLY BIG PAPER SHOW, Broken Hill City Gallery

    1994    THE REALLY BIG PAPER SHOW, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney

    1994    MIXED PALETTE, Despard Gallery, Hobart.

    1993    FAMILY SHOW, Despard Gallery, Hobart.

    1991    HOBART CITY COUNCIL ART PRIZE. Freeman Gallery, Hobart.


                Despard Street Gallery , Hobart.

    1991    HOBART CITY COUNCIL ART PRIZE. Freeman Gallery, Hobart.

    1991    WHEN THE BOATS COME IN. Entrepot Art Products, Hobart.


                gallery cimittiere, launceston

    1990    EXHIBITION OF DRAWINGS, Cosgrove Gallery, Glenorchy.

    1990    RECENT TREASURES. Entrepot Art Products, Hobart


                World Vision, Hobart, Curated by Andrea Potter.



                R.M.I.T. Gallery, Melbourne.

    1988    POST - GRADUATE EXHIBITION , Faculty Gallery,RMIT

    1987    EDUCATIONAL PAPER ART EXHIBITION, Travelling to Burnie and Rosebery.

    1987    PAPER PRESENT' Center for the Arts, Hobart and Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston.

    1987    'PAPER:handmade paper aRTwork', Glyde Gallery, Western Australia.

    1986    'STALKING THE WILD PENDULUM', Freeform Gallery, Hobart

    1986    'ACCESSIORIES SHOW' Launceston Design Centre.


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    2000    Textile Fibre Forum, page 32, 

            ‘The Paper Chase’ by Penny Carey Wells.

    1999    Arts Craft International, No. 46, page 59 - 61.  

            ' An Art of Essences' by  Michael Denholm.

    1994    'Mixed Palette,'  The Saturday Mercury, 25-6-94 page 43.
    1994    Contemporary Art Tasmania, Summer 93/94 p34,35 "Art on an Intimate scale: Adornments." by E. Sanders.
    1993    The Saturday Mercury, "Art genes handed down: It's all in the family." 
page 35, by Joerg Andersch.

    1992     'Press Press', Tasmanian Arts and Entertainment, 

            Spring page 42 and 43.

    1991    'The Southern Star', 1-3-91, page 6.

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    1989    'The Saturday Mercury,' Artists Aid Ethiopia' 25-11-89, page 24
    1989    'The Southern Star', 'Building Bridges for a Better World', 22-11-98 p22 by P. Young
    1988    'The Southern Star,' 'And the Bride wore... Paper' 16-3-88 p20 by P. Young

    1987    'Papermaking', Volume 2, Number 2, Winter, 19987 Minneapolis,

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    1987    'Art and Australia' Tasmanian Review, Summer 1987, 

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    1987    'The Saturday Mercury',  

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    1986    'Fibre Forum' Volume 5 Issue 2, No 16, page 34

    1986    'Paper Artwork', Papermakers of Australia.





1999    In celebration of the YEAR OF OLDER PERSONS,  

    two drawings were commissioned  and installed in the Holman Clinic, 

        in the Royal Hobart Hospital

1989    'Art Hire' A catalogue commissioned by 

        the Minister for the Arts, Peter Rae.

1989    'Wedding Dress', Private Commission.

​Andrea Faith Potter - Biography

Tasmanian born artist, Andrea Potter, has enjoyed a versatile career. 
Potter was an honorary research associate for a year at the University of Tasmania 
after graduating her fine arts degree. She also completed a Post Graduate Diploma at RMIT. 
Since her first solo exhibition in the mid 80‘s, Potter has had over 50 exhibitions around Australia. 

Potter’s work has consisted of installations, sculptures
(handmade paper, fabric construction and mixed media) as well as large drawing works on paper and paintings on linen.
Potter’s work has been recognised in numerous publications, 
including Art and Australia and Arts Craft International
Potter has worked on projects as diverse as a collaboration with classical musicians 
(for a performance artwork) and the commission 
for wearable art – a wedding dress constructed from hand-made paper. 
Potter’s feminist artworks were some of the first in Tasmania 
to be created with the ‘feminine’ mediums of fabric, embroidery and paper.